Academic Members

Mark Silberstein, Associate Professor
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Research Interests:
Computer Systems, Operating Systems, Compute and I/O Accelerator, Hardware security and side channels, GPGPU and FPGA computing, Trusted Execution Environments, Programmable Networks


Pavel Lifshits, Leading Engineer
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  • Systems Software and OS
  • GPUs
  • Trusted execution environment
  • Signal processing
  • Power side channels
Gabi Malka, Engineer
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  • FPGA development
  • FPGA-based SmartNICs
Bella Shavit, Research Coordinator
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Graduate Students


Lina Maudlej
Photo of Lina Maudlej
  • SmartNIC-based access to devices in disaggregated systems
  • Accelerator-centric operating system
Menachem Adelman
Photo of Menachem Adelman
  • Accelerating DNN training via tensor product approximation
Lev Rosenblit
Photo of Lev Rosenblit
  • Security analysis of GPUs


Alon Rashelbach
Photo of Alon Rashelbach
  • Computational approach to network packet classification
Meni Orenbach
Photo of Meni Orenbach
  • OS abstractions for trusted execution environments
  • Controlled side channel mitigations for SGX
Haggai Eran
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  • OS abstractions for programmable SmartNICs
  • Data center network congestion control
Shai Bergman
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  • Architectural and OS support for disaggregated memory
  • OS Integration of peer-to-peer transfers between GPUs and SSDs
Lior Zeno
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  • Programmable networks


Lluis Vilanova
Photo of Lluis Vilanova
2020, Post Doc
  • An OS for disaggregated data centers
Now at:
Imperial College London
Maroun Tork
Photo of Maroun Tork
2019, MSc
  • SmartNIC-driven accelerator-centric network servers
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Tanya Brokhman
Photo of Tanya Brokhman
2019, MSc
  • A unified page cache in heterogeneous systems
Now at:
Network.IO Innovation Lab
Marina Minkin
Photo of Marina Minkin
  • Speculative execution attacks on SGX enclaves
Now at:
University of Michigan
Vasilis Dimitsas
Photo of Vasilis Dimitsas
2018, MSc
  • I/O prefetcher for GPUs
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Shai Vaknin
Photo of Shai Vaknin
2018, M.Sc
  • Dynamic update of learning rate in DNN training
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Amir Wated
Photo of Amir Wated
2018, MSc
  • Design of GPU-centric network servers
  • Native support for efficient GPU-side networking
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Feras Daoud
Photo of Feras Daoud
2017, M.Sc.
  • GPURDMA: high performance network I/O on GPUs
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Sagi Shahar
Photo of Sagi Shahar
2016, MSc
  • Efficient file I/O from GPUs
  • Software-managed virtual memory in GPUs
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Matan Hamilis
Photo of Matan Hamilis
2015, MSc
  • High performance additive FFT in finite fields
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