Welcome to the Accelerated Computing Systems Lab (ACSL)!

We work on a broad range of computer systems projects spanning hardware architecture, compilers, operating systems, security and privacy, high-speed networking.  All our software is open-source and free .

A short pitch for the kind of research we are doing is here .

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slide for Accelerator-Centric Operating System
Accelerator-Centric Operating System
Accelerator-centric Operating System Architecture, OmniX, enables direct interaction between accelerators and I/O devices, for example, files and network sockets for GPU kernels
slide for Confidential Computing
Confidential Computing
New methods for detection and defense against side-channel attacks on software and hardware for Trusted Execution Environments.
slide for Programmable Networks
Programmable Networks
New infrastructure for programmable NICs, distributed replication in data-plane using Programmable Switches, neural-network based packet classification (OVS).
slide for GPU computing, Virtualization, Machine Learning, Distributed Systems
GPU computing, Virtualization, Machine Learning, Distributed Systems
Playground for exploring interesting topics in a search for new ideas


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