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A bunch of cool new papers!


A very strong publication regord by the lab this year!

  1. Congrats to Alon and Igor for having the NeurlLPM paper on hardware accelerator for Longest Prefix Match using Neural Nets accepted to MICRO’56 — our very first lab publication in this super prestigious hardware venue!
  2. Congrats to Sajy and Alon for the acceptance of P4-based virtual machine for Programmable Switches to NSDI’24, on the FIRST attempt, and the very first Sajy’s paper! Also, this is Alon’s 3rd NSDI paper, wow!
  3. Congrats to Shai Bergman and our collabs from Imperial for getting the very cool Translation Pass Through paper on a new approach to Virtual Memory translation in Virtual Machines
  4. Together with our collaborators from Microsoft Research Cambridge, KU Leuven and Intel we got 2 papers published in  USENIX Security and IEEE S&P. The work with Intel made it to the SGX ISA, the one with Microsoft is actively being used in production!
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